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3 Ways To Create A Bold Lip Look


Model wearing sparkly blue eyeshadow

Bold is a state of mind. Master the art of going bold with our disruptive lip collection. Click in and learn 3 ways to channel your bold side.


4 Bold Holiday-Ready Looks


Model wearing sparkly eyeshadow

Four looks to make a daring impression at the holiday party. See our fresh take on festive, with a focus on dewy skin + high-design eyes.


The Makeup Lover's Holiday Gift Guide


Group shot of KVD Beauty makeup

A guide to make gifting season just a little easier. Skip the endless scrolling + window-shopping. The beauty lovers in your life will thank you big time.


How To Use ModCon Liquid-Gel Contour


Group shot of ModCon Contour

Welcome to the next dimension of contour. Learn three ways to place + blend ModCon Liquid-Gel Contour into realistic shadows for a quick, lifelike sculpt. Follow these tips to shade like an artist and achieve an intentional, transformative contour.


How To Pick Your ModCon Contour Shade


4 models grouped together

A little guide for your ModCon Liquid-Gel Contour needs. Choose your ideal contour shade + take shape in the next dimension of contour. It’s easier than it looks.


Problem Solved: How To Revive Your Dry Tattoo Liner


Application tip of Tattoo Liner in Trooper

Is your Tattoo Liner tip drying out earlier than expected? Don’t toss it out. Just follow these tips to get your favorite liquid liner back on deck. Soon, you’ll be busting out graphic lines + razor-sharp wings with first-day fluidity.


Good Apple: Why You Love It + How To Use It


Model holding Good Apple Skin-Perfecting Foundation Balm

Learn more about our instantly iconic Good Apple Skin-Perfecting Foundation Balm. Plus, some tips to fully harness its power. Read on. It’s more potent than you expect.


Get The Look: Pastel Powered


Miryam Lumpini with a green pastel eye look

Meet late summer’s dog days with a fresh outlook. Keep your complexion unfussy + let your eyes flash maxed-out pastel in this look featuring summer essentials Super Pomade and ModCon Liquid-Gel Blush.


How To Use Super Pomade: 3 Unique Ways


Super Pomade smears on a black background

Reader, meet Super Pomade. We think you’ll be good friends. Check out this brief guide to our waterproof, creamy pigments. Get some creativity brewing with three tutorials + start creating new worlds of color.


Role Breaker Breakdown: Nikki Wolff


Nikki Wolff wearing Role Breaker Epic Kiss Lipstick

This is Role Breaker Breakdown, a series dissecting makeup looks featuring KVD Beauty’s role-breaking musesin shades of Epic Kiss lipstick. This time, we’re featuring Nikki Wolff, MUA extraordinaire + our Global Director of Artistry, in a fresh take on a bold red lip + classic cat eye—made for now.


Role Breaker Breakdown: Miryam Lumpini


Miryam Lumpini wearing BLUEPINK Epic Kiss Lipstick

This is Role Breaker Breakdown, a series dissecting makeup looks featuring KVD Beauty’s role-breaking muses in shades of Epic Kiss lipstick. In this first installment, we’re featuring a graphic maximalist fantasy—a daredevil lip + razor-sharp graphic eyes—on our Global Director of Tattoo Artistry, Miryam Lumpini. Read on to get the look.


8 Ways To Be A Planet Fanatic


Planet Fanatic Eyeshadow Palette with the background filled with trees

Taking care of our big, blue home can seem daunting in the face of an eco-crisis. The truth is, it’s on every one of us to do our part. Start with these small, practical steps in making conscious changes to live like a real Planet Fanatic.


Planet Fanatic: One Planet. One Palette. 13,000 Trees Planted.


Planet Fanatic Eyeshadow Palette with the background filled with trees

We combined our passion for high-performance makeup and love for planet Earth into a bold, singular expression: our new Planet Fanatic Eyeshadow Palette, featuring intentionally designed, fully recyclable packaging. What’s more: 13,000 trees will be planted to celebrate the palette’s launch.


Is Your Foundation Formula Right For Your Skin Type?


Model wearing graphic eyeliner

Foundation for oily skin? Foundation for dry skin? Liquid foundation? Powder foundation? Don’t get lost in the overwhelm. Use this guide as an atlas to full-coverage, skin-suitable foundations.


Earth Day 2021: Our World-Conscious Commitment


Good Apple Foundation Balm collection

High-performance, cruelty-free makeup in artfully designed and recyclable packaging is not a pipe dream—it’s already here.


All about the Eyes: 3 Bold Lash and Eyeshadow Looks


The face of a woman with curly red hair and cat eye makeup.

In 2021, eye-catching makeup means bold lashes and out-of-this-world eyeshadow looksespecially since masks aren't going away anytime soon. Make a statement with high performance vegan cruelty free makeup products that deliver on rich pigment and long wear.


How to Master the Cat Eye Look


A woman with light lavender hair and cat eyeliner makeup holds an eyeliner in her hand.

Welcome the new year with a bold attitude and a cat eye to match. Here’s how you can nail the perfect cat eye for your eye shape, every time.